How Do We Remember?

Many cities across the U.S. South have been struggling over the issue of how we remember the war that tore apart our country 160 years ago.  The statues of Confederate generals such as Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson have been removed in some cities either by city employees, sometimes in the middle of the… Read more »

Moving Toward the Tanks

Many of us can vividly recall the photo or video of the small man with a satchel standing in front of the line of tanks when the Chinese army crushed the demonstrators in Tiananmen Square during the 1989 uprising.  I was so moved by that act of defiant, calm, nonviolent courage that I contacted one… Read more »

Broken Pieces

I welcome Lance Muteyo as a guest blogger to share about his journey to the U.S. this summer.  Lance is from Zimbabwe where he is the founder and director of Trees of Peace Africa.  Click here to read more about him in the Peace Bios section of this website. Broken Pieces My trip to the… Read more »

Good-bye to a Friend Who Shaped My Peace Work

Saboi Jum, a Kachin Baptist leader and peacemaker from Burma/Myanmar, died last month.  I dedicated my first peace book (Christian Peacemaking, available for free download on this website) to Saboi.  He was a friend who challenged me to take my peacemaking to a profoundly different level. I first met him when he walked into my office… Read more »

Jesus as way of peace between Christians and Muslims?

Mustafa Akyol wrote an interesting editorial in the NY Times by a Muslim about Jesus, Muslims, and the possible way to peace. (Click here to read Akyol’s editorial.)  It is titled “What Jesus Can Teach Today’s Muslims.”  He explores the teaching of Jesus, viewed as a prophet in Islam, as an answer to some of… Read more »