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Syrian Artist Express the Pain of War and Visions of Healing

Eight professional Syrian artists living in exile exhibited some of their work at an exhibition at the residence of U.S. Ambassador.  For a report about the exhibition and to see more of the art:  click here.


“Think outside the box, collapse the box, and take a sharp knife to it.” My artist son, Jon, have me a coffee table art book of Banksy’s graffiti.  It was riveting–but am I supposed to relish such vandalism?  What I saw disturbed me because Banksy so often speaks truth with alarming clarity and delightful humor,… Read more »


Fritz Eichenberg was born in 1901 in Germany to a assimilated non-religious Jewish family. He studied art and became a wood engraver. He used his art to highlight moral and social convictions, including producing many anti-Hitler cartoons. When the Nazis came to power Eichenberg emigrated to the United States. The tragic death of his wife… Read more »


Mexican sculptor Pedre Reyes received guns, rifles and pistols disabled by the Mexican army.  He melted them down and forged them into mechanical musical instruments which can be played by computer.  He also collected over 1,500 guns and forged them into 1,500 shovels used to plant trees around the world.  Reyes said, “It’s basically the… Read more »

WWI: Underground Works of Art

Dr. Jeff Gusky’s discovery of carvings in the stone of underground bunkers where men lived for long periods of time during WWI are a poignant expression of the horrors, hopes, and humanity of the war.