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Eboo Patel

As Eboo Patel states on the Interfaith Youth Core website, he core belief is “that religion is a bridge of cooperation rather than a barrier of division.” Patel also believes that students are leaders, so he launched a movement that has reshaped the nature of interfaith activity in the United States. Instead of clerics and… Read more »

DOROTHY DAY (1897-1980)

“We will not be drilled into fear. We do not have faith in God if we depend upon the Atom Bomb.” Dorothy Day was once a Communist who became a leading voice for radical nonviolent Christianity in the United States. She lived a life of voluntary poverty, cared for the homeless, and published The Catholic… Read more »


Christ’s Faithful Apostle: That was the name given to this Christian priest by the Hindu Indian independence leader, Mahatma Gandhi, playing off the initials of Charles Freer Andrews. Andrews was one of Gandhi’s closest associates and friends. Together they struggled for justice and freedom over many years and in many settings. Andrews grew up in… Read more »

TITUS BRANDSMA (1881-1942)

Titus Brandsma, born in 1881 and named Anno Sjoerd, was a Dutch Carmelite priest who also worked as a university professor and a journalist. When he joined the Carmelites in 1898 he took a new name according to Carmelite tradition, Titus, his father’s name and the name of the author of a New Testament epistle…. Read more »

ABD-AR-RAHMAN III (891-961) and AL-HAKAM II (915-976)

During the reigns of Abd-ar-Rahman III and his son Al-Hakam II two “Golden Ages” occurred: The Golden Age of Arab rule in Iberia and The Golden Age of Jewish culture in Spain. During the half-century reign of Abd ar-Rahman (also sometimes written as Abd al-Rahman), Islamic Spain rose to its grandest and most prosperous era…. Read more »