we-are-the-socksWe Are the Socks

Short stories of Dan’s peacemaking experiences around the world, from the profound & poignant to the hilarious.  Socks is Peace Warrior meets Chicken Soup with a dash of wit.  (Also available in Kindle e-book format.)  See below for Dan’s story about the socks.
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peace-warriorPeace Warrior: A Memoir from the Front

Dan’s peacemaking memoirs including the stories of the Naga and Burma peace processes as well as describing the conflict transformation training that goes on around the world.
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blessed-are-the-peacemakersBlessed Are the Peacemakers

Over 60 mini-bios of peacemakers from around the world organized in areas of peacemaking work: Prophet/visionaries, martyrs, theoreticians, mediators, teacher/trainers, advocates, organizers, nonviolent activists, and artists.  (For a special edition from International Ministries of the American Baptist Churches with an additional extended chapter about peacemaking American Baptist missionaries contact Dan Buttry directly.  Also, Read the Spirit can make special editions of this book with additional content from various organizations–contact Dan Buttry directly if you are interested in this.)
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interfaith-heroesinterfaith-heroes-2Interfaith Heroes and Interfaith Heroes 2

31 and 46 mini-bios in these books, bios of people from different faiths from around the world who crossed lines of religious difference to work together for inter-religious understanding, religious freedom, protecting others in times of danger, and working for justice and peace.
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christian-peacemakingChristian Peacemaking: From Heritage to Hope

This classic published in 1992 deals with the biblical and historical background of nonviolent action and conflict resolution.  It contains stories of the explosion of these two streams of peacemaking in the 1980s and 1990s.  It is out of print but is still available through amazon  used books or directly from Dan Buttry.
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Download:  Christian Peacemaking part 1

Download:  Christian Peacemaking part 2

Download:  Christian Peacemaking part 3

Peace Ministry CoverPeace Ministry: A Handbook for Local Churches

This is a “soup to nuts” practical book for local congregations about how to incorporate peacemaking into every dimension of their church life.  Topics include worship, preaching, Christian education, stewardship, the arts, traveling for peace, advocacy, partner church relationships, local peacemaking, caring for the victims of conflict, and conflict in the local church (sometimes caused by peacemaking!).  Published in 1995, some of the resources are dated, but the book includes over 50 testimonies from local churches about various ways peace ministry was incorporated into their church life.

Download:   Peace Ministry, part 1

Download:   Peace Ministry, part 2

Download:   Peace Ministry, part 3

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Socks TAfter hearing Dan’s “socks” story a friend had this T-shirt made and presented to him!







Listen to Dan tell the story about the socks.

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