Ankle Walk

Ankle Walk 5The Ankle Walk is one of our most used adventure tools.  It can work with small groups of 10 or 12.  It can work with huge groups of 60 or 70.  The more people involved, the more complex it can be.

Click here from Training for Change for the facilitation instructions for The Ankle Walk.

The group must strategize how to meet the challenge, walking together to the finish line, keeping their ankles (or feet) touching the ankles (or feet) of the person next to them.  If at any point the line breaks, EVERYBODY has to move back to the beginning!  Variations depending on the size of the group and the place to do the exercise:

Ankle Walk 6The basic walk is getting all the participants walking to a line about 5 to 7 meters away.





Ankle Walk 9You can have two groups walk toward each other (or to the facilitator in the middle).




Ankle Walk 1There is more than one way to solve this challenge (though I’ve never seen a group succeed at hopping together, even though one very stubborn group worked on that for 10 minutes!)





Ankle Walk 11Ankle Walk 8DSC03287.JPG