Content-Specific Tools

Content-Specific Tools address a particular conflict transformation topic.  They either help introduce the topic experientially or they “peel the onion” and take participants deeper into the topic.

Here are some of our favorite Content-Specific Tools:

Red/Blue Simulation (conflict resolution)

Thumb Wrestling (conflict resolution)

Paper Clip Brainstorm (brainstorming)

Conflict Chair (personal conflict styles)

Conflict Animals (personal conflict styles)

4 Sheets to the Wind (listening)

Tape on the Forehead (mainstream/margin or diversity)

Ways We Are Different (mainstream/margin or diversity)

Privilege Tools (mainstream/margin or diversity)

Chairs of Power (power dynamics)

3 Person Sculpture (power dynamics)

Village Game (nonviolent struggle)

Mattress Game (strategizing)

Paper Plate Challenge (strategizing)

Spectrum of Allies or Social Barometer (strategizing)

Four Roles (change processes)