Tape on the Forehead

Tape on forehead 3I love Tape on the Forehead to deal with issues of diversity in groups, or as we usually phrase it, mainstream and margins.  It’s a good opening exercise to plunge into that topic.  Click here for the facilitation directions from Training for Change as well as additional mainstream/margin facilitation.




Tape on forehead 7This tool works best with 20-30 people.  You can go down to 15 or up to 40 if necessary.  If there is just one facilitator you can invite someone in the group to help put tape on people’s forehead, then have them close their eyes to receive their piece of tape.




Tape on forehead 10Preparation–find a good surface to put the bits of tape on so you can pull them off easily.  Try to find non-smear markers (Sharpie pens works very well).





Tape on forehead 6Facilitation–focus especially on the experience of those who have unique bits of tape.








Tape on Forehead 1Warning!  About 20% of the time people will form groups based on people standing around them, friends, or something that has nothing to do with the tape.  Notice if any “juicy” dynamics emerge.  Is there still someone experiencing marginality?  Sometimes waiting a few moments lets someone emerge who will group people by tape signs.  If the whole thing falls flat, don’t stubbornly stick to it.  Rather shift to another great tool to have in the toolbox:  Ways We Are Different.  Though there is a risk this will fall flat, most of the time “Tape on the Forehead” provides some outstanding experiences and “aha!” moments for participants and sets up the mainstream/margin content in a profound way.


Tape on FH 2 tape on FH 1 Tape on forehead 2DSC06306.JPG