People Sculptures

People sculptures 3People sculptures are a delightful tool to get people engaged in a topic and working together as small groups.  Form people into groups of 5 to 7.  Give them 7 minutes to create a sculpture on a topic related to your workshop using their bodies and anything in the room.

People may feel that 7 minutes isn’t enough time, but it is perfect for this task.  The time is small enough to focus the group yet long enough to allow them to successfully accomplish the task.



People Sculptures 5Invite each group to share in turn.  Ask the other participants to comment on what they notice in the sculpture, what is says to them.  Then ask the members of the group to talk about what they were expressing.  Applaud each group.

Topics for sculptures can be:  Peace, what happened in the conflict, what happened in the movement, a memorial, the concerns of your country, etc.



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